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Production and marketing of automotive engine industry in August

Datetime: 2016-9-18 15:11:48    View: 137

Driven by the vehicle market, 1-8 month car engine supply and demand trend, in August the engine market rebound in production and sales, monthly production and sales were more than 18 million units, which further boost the engine industry growth rate. August domestic car engine market rebounded last month, 1-8 months of production and sales increased by an increase of the amplitude, which is mainly related to the commercial vehicle market after the bottom of the back brought about the supporting situation. August car gasoline engine market rose sharply last month, and continue to be better than the same period last year, making 1-8 monthly production and sales increased by a further increase. 1-8 months, other fuel engine market is in a downward trend, the gas machine market continues to decline.

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