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Automobile industry reorganization Mo into slogan loud actual passive circle

Datetime: 2016-9-29 14:22:38    View: 106

These two days, the restructuring for the policy, the Ministry of finance, the SASAC and other nine ministries jointly promote, hasthe domestic iron and steel, automotive and other industrial restructuring, to a more substantial stage. Surrounded by so manydepartments jointly launched the policy of advancing, obviously, its strength will be ever never had. Advancing in this " restructuring " trend, the domestic automobile is in in the teeth of the storm, whether state-owned enterprises merger, or independent car enterprises integration, all need to have a more relaxed environment of the restructuring, and a very good system security, it is the key point to see results after the reorganization of the.

To launch such a large-scale restructuring plan, to explain, restructuring of the industries, not as imagined be an easy job to. This point in the iron and steel, ships and other aspects of the restructuring is very difficult, and even some famous industry restructuring has dragged on for several years, is difficult to recombine to form ideal scale, which illustrates the subtraction effect of recombinant appears, have a direct impact and drag to the step of industry. In fact, like the reorganization of automobile aspect, there have been all kinds of difficult problems just as one wishes. Especially in some trans-regional and cross-border aspects of restructuring, but left many worthy of reflection impression to the domestic automobile. So, in the new year, to borrow a " restructuring " Dongfeng strengthening automobile industry restructuring, in addition to the need in the light of its general trend to buildalliances outside, more important is how to tap their respective advantages and complementary capabilities, only then can enable the restructuring more sail with the wind.

To create a powerful combination ability is the hope of reorganization

For the reorganization of enterprises, obviously have already said many years, enterprises are also explored for many years, can really form a combination of the situation, it is scanty. The reason is that, once the enterprises of high regard their own energyand excessive self saw the reorganization of the object weak, will come easily to recombinant asymmetric big bullying the small, having affection and faith. In this way, not only will underestimate the difficulties in the process of restructuring, is easy to appear at the outbreak of the problem; also to the restructuring of industrial development, artificially increases the overall sense of the difficulty, this is the new problem of the recombinant environment.

As for the domestic auto restructuring, apparently also encountered such and such unimaginable problems, although did not appear big events like the iron and steel industry restructuring of the human life, but still need to see, between the previous car enterprises restructuring, has also been following recombination occurred, which led to the mass incidents appear, which illustrates the domestic automobile reorganization problem, have unpredictable difficulty. Automobile reorganization from this point of view, it needs to be clear, involved the reorganization of enterprises, to know yourself as well as the enemy issues do their homework, and recently, middle and long-term goals are of practical program, it is able to make recombinant appeared one plus one greater than two key. So, for the automotive industry restructuring, has play a decisive role role management new propulsionmode apparently. This is in restructuring provisions on the scientific and reasonable, after the reorganization of the problem, should all be faced with, this will benefit the industry as a whole the development. Otherwise, the slogan shouted louder, a encounter unimaginable problems, it is easy to fall into the recombinant passive way, this is the most should pay attention to the new problems of recombinant.

Fit automobile reorganization and complementary in which

For enterprise development, restructuring is undoubtedly the most simple way of expansion and measures. However, if the can not grasp the recombinant addition advantage, easy to lose the opportunity not to say, also easy to cause the mutual drag, which may be one of the most easy to change the problem of recombinant. From the recombination phenomena have occurred in our country, can be said that every kind of restructuring are to emerge. As a regional integration and merger and reorganization, the corresponding cross between regions, the acquisition of the hierarchy more across national borders, it is so over the years, the domestic automobile sufficient test has never been interrupted. But that can be exciting conclusion recombinant, but less and less. Investigate its reason, lies in the restructuring process, are the domestic automobile a green hand trying to face the market competition, whether it is necessary to tuition, or better learn from the experience and lessons, should be part of the domestic automobile development, therefore, to the future restructuring can take warning, any restructuring experience also is very useful experience.

For the domestic automobile reorganization, obvious example is the relation between Changan and Changhe Automobile, the from hot to cold combination, can be said to have brought many problems to the domestic automobile. In particular, group events are created in a period of time, it is the development of the auto industry has brought no small shock. It is not difficult to see, once the industrial restructuring has irreconcilable contradiction, certainly will brings negative impacts on the market two-way. When it comes to SAIC Ssangyong multinational industry, although there have been for many years, but is due to the fact that highlights the transnational recombination between some problems, which will have a strong effect on the now, I"m afraid this is the only real automobile reorganization are most in need of better understanding and reflection of the problem.

In fact, when it comes to recombination between enterprises, in the final analysis is complementary to pull together in times of trouble and problems. If, both sides can really aware of the importance of this problem, and will be the reorganization of the past,present and future of both sides, have to face in a responsible attitude, will naturally to restructuring do know the score. If, in therestructuring issue is not able to know yourself as well as the enemy, even used by the big pressure small, will have a negative impact on both sides, will not the development of the overall restructuring! I"m afraid this is the face of the domestic big restructuring situation, new problems can not be seriously considered.

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